How Creating A Community Cookbook Can Benefit Your Organization

  • Builds a strong sense of community among recipe contributors

  • Provides a built-in market – nearly every recipe contributor buys at least one cookbook

  • High profit margin

  • Is kept longer than other forms of advertising and public relation materials, keeping your organization’s name and purpose in front of donors/customers for longer periods of time

Personal Touches We Contribute to Your Cookbook

housewife shadow.png
  • Your cookbooks will be produced locally in the Pacific Northwest

  • You will have a local contact person to meet with face to face

  • We provide unlimited personalized content throughout the cookbook, including up to 10 personalized information pages

  • We will, upon your request, research and provide organizational history and goals including individual interviews

  • We are part of the Pacific Northwest community, so we take personal interest in the success of your cookbooks


Cookbook Features Included At No Charge

While other companies charge extra for many of the following features, we provide all of these features at no additional charge.


  • Custom designed cookbook cover


  • Custom designed section dividers

  • Customized edging

  • Colored card stock


  • Recipe Collection Forms

  • Up to 10 customized information pages 

  • Alphabetical index of recipes

  • Alphabetical index of contributors

Other Features

  • Foodie Facts throughout the cookbook

  • Making It My Own sections for cook's handwritten notes throughout the cookbook

  • Proof copy of cookbook

  • Mail order page

  • Dedication page

  • Research and provide organizational history including individual interviews