Food Traditions

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Foodways, or food traditions, is a topic that lends itself to multidisciplinary study encompassing areas such as sociology, education, economics, health, social justice, anthropology, and history.  “Foodways is the study of food and its relationship to the human experience.” [i] 

The scope of this project is boundless.  There is no age group, no socio-economic group, no geographical location, cultural or ethnic group, and no period of time from which valuable knowledge cannot be gathered.  The topic of food traditions runs through every project undertaken by Living Voices of the Pacific Northwest while also being an important stand-alone project. 

Food traditions is an ideal topic for intergenerational and cross-cultural participation, both as interviewers and those being interviewed.  The gathering of these stories becomes a means by which individual, cultural, and community identities continue to be formed; differences and similarities examined, and a common ground is found. 

[i] Almerico, Gina M. “Food and identity: Food studies, cultural, and personal identity.” Journal of International Business and Cultural Studies, Volume 8 – June 2014.